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And sometimes...when they ask her about the men in her life...she says, 'well, they are poets...and yet they are priests of nothing...aah, but they are legends.' And I thought that there was a...connection.
~Stevie Nicks, live version ending to Has Anyone Ever Written Anything for You/Live From Red Rocks, 1986

If you've never experienced the really dark and deep lows of love, then you can never really experience the real highs of love. I wouldn't trade it for anything. Just to know that I…am capable of feeling that strongly about another person ~ that knocks me out. Because some people I know aren't capable of that.
~Stevie Nicks, Miami Herald, 1991

Well, when Lindsey and I broke up during Rumours , I started going out with Don Henley. And you know, I was like the biggest Eagles fan of life. And we went out, on and off, for about two years. He was really cute, and he was elegant. ...He is sexy. He's such an interesting guy. Don HenleyHere's one thing that Don did that freaked my band out so much. We're all in Miami, Fleetwood Mac and the Eagles. They're recording at this gorgeous house they'd rented on the water. It's totally romantic. It's pink. It's like Mar-a-Lago. Anyway, he sends a limousine driver over to our hotel with a box of presents for me, and they're delivered right into the breakfast room where everyone's eating. There's a stereo, a bunch of fabulous records. There's incredible flowers and fruits, beautiful.. The limousine driver is taking all this out onto the table and I'm going, Oh, please, please, this is not going to go down well. And they want to know who it's from. And Lindsey is not happy. So I started going out with him. And this is not popular. Sure, Lindsey and I are totally broken up, I have every right in the world to go out with people, but...I spend most of my time with the band, and it's not real conducive to having a relationship. So, I went out with Don for awhile. I went out with [Eagles songwriter] J.D. Souther for awhile. We had an incredible time.

..And then I fell in love with Mick [Fleetwood]. And that went on for two years. Never in a million years could you have told me that would happen. That was the biggest surprise. Mick is definitely one of my great, great loves. [How was that between Lindsey and Mick?] That was not good. That was not good for anybody else in the band. Everybody was so angry, because Mick was married. To a wonderful girl and he had two wonderful children, and I was horrified. I loved these people. I loved his family. So it couldn't have possibly worked out. And it didn't. It just couldn't.
~Stevie Nicks, Spin, October, 1997

Mick FleetwoodMick & I, were absolutely horrified that this [love affair] happened. We didn't tell anybody until the very end, and then it blew up and was over. And, you know, Lindsey and I have never, never talked about Mick. Ever.
~Stevie Nicks, Rolling Stone, October, 1997

I wasn't displeased by anything Mick said about me, I knew the truth would come out someday. It was a great love affair ~ something I would never trade in a million years.
~Stevie Nicks, on Mick Fleetwood telling of their affair in his book, Boston Globe, July 14, 1991

As God is my witness, Tom [Petty] and I are very good friends. I just talked to Tom the night that we found out about Princess Diana, talked to him on the phone for an hour. He lives very close to here, he lives right down there. So Tom and I are, like, neighbors. And it's great because he really is my good friend. He's my best guy friend... Tom and I have been really good friends since he gave me Stop Draggin' My Heart Around. A hundred years ago, the press really kind of messed up our friendship [so when] Tom did all those shows up in San Francisco, he really didn't want me to come up. Because of the press. And I was very hurt because of this. That is what the press does. So the press did manage to get in and destroy my ability to go and see my favorite rock star play at my favorite place, The Fillmore. I didn't get to go because of the press.
~Stevie Nicks, Rolling Stone 772 Writers Notes/Online

In almost every relationship I've had, my career has ruined it. I will never be able to stay with anyone really long, because there will always come a point when they say, 'I can't deal with your life.'
~Stevie Nicks, USA Today, October 16, 1991

I guess in a very few rare cases...some people find someone that they fall in love with the very first time they see them...from across a room, from a million miles away. Some people call it love at first sight, and of course, I never believed in that until...that night...I walked into a party after a gig at the hotel, and from across the room, without my glasses I saw this man...and I walked straight to him...He held out his hands to me, and I walked straight into them. I remember thinking, I can never be far from this person again...he is my soul.
~Stevie Nicks, on meeting Joe Walsh/Timespace liner notes, 1991

It isn't easy to find somebody. I'm not used to having to tell anybody when I'm going to be home, or where I'm going, and most men don't like it. They try to say that they like it, but in the long run, they don't. This pretty much goes for rich or poor. I really don't think that I'll ever get married. And I'm fine with that, you know?
~Stevie Nicks, Us Magazine, January 1998

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