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They're all angels. I only draw angels. I started to draw when my best friend got Leukemia. And that's what she's left me. And so I know she's really excited now because it has finally, after the last 9 years, come to fruition, and people have finally started appreciating it. But I never drew a thing before she got sick. And I drew that ~ I drew Rhiannon ~ for her, to stay at the end of her bed so she could see something when I wasn't there. So that she would have something to stare at. And uh ~ so now I know that Robin is up there and I'm down here and we're both laughing about it because now it's finally come into its own.
~Stevie Nicks, Off the Record interview with Mary Turner, December 1994


Stevie's  Rhiannon Painting


Rhiannon was started at the onset of Robin's Leukemia~ last August~
she died last Tuesday~

she was originally finished for Patrick at the City of Hope~ he died while she was still in her grey stage~

I finished her in brilliance upon Robins death~ because Robin was brilliant~

May she be a patron of driving this disease away~ it cannot live this cancer~ amoungst Rhiannons bright colors~ she was a bright light girl~ and we will fight on white light~
~S. Nicks, 1982



The Robin-Rhiannon painting was done for my best friend, Robin Anderson. Robin is also my speech therapist ...and the lady who traveled with Fleetwood Mac during the time when voice seemed to just give up. My friend saved my voice, with alot of patience and love. When I was fifteen 'n' a half, she listened to me sing the first song that I ever wrote.

This painting is for Robin, (Like that long ago...first born song)
because she alone has seen it all...
and stayed like the charmed hour...
and the haunted song...
and Rhiannon...

Stevie Nicks (10/6/81)
~Bella Donna Songbook, 1981


My art teacher Phillip, who did the Grateful Dead weird skeleton playing backwards, violin with the red sunglasses, very Jimi Hendrix, very strange, he said, 'you cannot make a mistake in art, so even if you think you've made the worst mistake in the world' ~ like a big hole in the paper ~ 'you just sit down, take a deep breath, and realize that you cannot make a mistake, even if you cannot fix what happened, you can tell everybody that it's exactly what you wanted.'
~Stevie Nicks, Wild Heart Press Kit, 1983


My mom says that God will never give you more than you can handle, and I really try to believe this, because sometimes I think that I've been given more than I can handle. But it seems that I do have a real instinct to survive, and I'm way too proud to let anything stop me or get in my way. And I have way too many things to do on this Earth to let anything stop me. I want to write a book, and I want to do my paintings and get them out to the world. And that's what I'll do in another 10 years when I decide to really stop what I'm doing right now.
~Stevie Nicks, Boston Globe, July 14, 1991


drawingI do [still paint]. That's just something that's there, and one day the time will be right and I'll do a coffee-table book. It's just sitting there waiting, like the next album.
~Stevie Nicks, E! Online Interview, 1997


[The artist] Sulamith Wulfing lives on the edge of the Black Forest in Germany. That's how I learned to draw. When my friend Robin got sick, I wanted to send her something of myself to hang on the wall. For ten years, I'd had all these Sulamith Wulfing books. I draw like her---even though she is incredible, and I'm not ~ but the initial spirit comes from her. All these years on the road, I'd look at her drawings, late after concerts, and get a lot of comfort from them. I think she's probably a lot like me. The world kind of scares her and freaks her out, and she just wants to do this one thing, and she did it.
~ MTV interview 1983


I don’t really call myself a painter...I draw. So I draw my pictures and then sometimes I paint them in and sometimes I don’t. So I’m really more into the fine drawing... And I just draw little creatures, and little people and little bits of my drawing has gone out over the years...I’m doing....I’m gonna do a book...I’m working on it now with my best friend. That’s just and some poetry and some little vignettes from my journals that’s I think is going to be really nice. And it’ll be in the next year or you’ll get to actually see what I draw, because I’ve been doing this always, I’ve just never shown anybody. My drawing is like my meditation.
~Stevie Nicks, Spotight on Stevie Nicks, 96.1 WSRS, August 5, 2001